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Arri Amira

Canon C500 MK2 EF/PL

Canon C300 Mk1

We have Amira packages to fit any type of production. Ranging from lightweight documentary to full drama set ups.

Canons new Full-Frame, 5.9K C500 Mk2 is a hugely versatile camera. We can rig it as big or a small as you like.

The classic Canon C300 produces beautiful, broadcast approved HD video.

Canon C70 EF/PL



Super 35mm sensor, recording up to 4K 120fps and a high dynamic range of 16+ stops. 

With it’s full-frame 24 Megapixel sensor, this camera is not only amazing for stills but can produce stunning video up to 6k.

50mbp 4:2:2 HD 1/3 Inch CMO, 10x Zoom Lens and Infrared Capabilities.


We have a unique range of PL mount zoom and prime lenses.


Canon CN7
CN7 17-120MM 4K T/2.95
ANGENIEUX OPTIMO DP 16-42 & 30-80 T/2.8

These two zooms cover a very practical and creative range of focal lengths. Edge to edge sharpness is superb and they have a very pleasing look.

TLS MORPHEUS 80-200 T/2.8

This lens perfectly complements the Angenieux by having very similar colour reproduction. Previously an old Nikon 80-200, this lens has all the sharpness you need and excellent bokeh.

DUCLOS 11-16 T/2.8

The Duclos 11-16 is a rehoused tokina lens and perfectly covers the ultrawide focal lengths that the Angenieux’s cannot. At a constant T/2.8, exposure changes should not be a problem with any of these lenses


lenses for hire

Our full set of the Canon Cine primes offer a full range of focal lengths for almost any production. Their low T stop allows for low light scenarios and produces a really lovely bokeh. They also all share the same front diameter making adding matte boxes and filters quick and easy.

T/3.1(14mm) T/1.5(24mm 35mm) T/1.3 – (50mm, 85mm) T/2.2 (135mm)

Whilst the Canon Cine primes are great we have always felt like a 20mm would fit nicely inbetween the 14mm and 24mm. That is why we offer this Arri ultra prime, 20mm as a great compliment to set. Its not essential, but certainly bridges a gap on the wider end. In our testing we have found that visually the lenses match very well.

24mm 1.4L, 35mm 1.4L II USM & EW-77B Lens Hood, 50mm 1.2L, 16-35mm 2.8L, 24-70mm 2.8L, 70-200mm 2.8L, 100mm Macro 2.8L



Titla Hydra Alien Car Mounting System for DJI RS 2

Teris Q40-III Carbon Fiber Mini Jib for DJI Ronin-S/RS 2
Ronin dji rs2 gimbal
Ronin DJI RS 2 Gimbal
O’conner 1030d Head with Satchler quick release tall legs.
Ronford tall medium legs & case - Moy
Miller Compass 12 Fluid Head
Benro A373F Video tripod.
The sk8 Plate Is a slider system with interchangeable poles. We have a range of different lengths from 2-6 meters. Any scaffold poles can also be used but we highly recommend aluminium poles.
This Apple Box is an essential part of any set, equalising heights, standing equipment on or simply acting as a stool an Apple Box is always appreciated.


SL1 Luminere
Litepanels - Astra

The Kino Celeb is super versatile light for a variety of jobs. If you need a soft, dimmable bi-colour light, the celeb is perfect.

LED solution to the fluorescent tube. Bi-colour Powered by V-Lock or mains power.

The LED Bi-Colour Astra provides a punchy light that can be used indoors and outside. It can be powered by both V-lock battery and main power.

Brightcast Flexible Bi-Colour LED Light Panel
Falconeyes RX-29TDX 100W BI-Colour Roll- flex LED Panel
Falconeyes RX-24TDX 150W BI-COLOR ROLL-FLEX Flexible LED Panel



The TV logic F-7H mk2 is a 7″ 1920×1080 resolution field monitor with a maximum luminance of 3,600nits ensuring high quality and sharpness. Comes with a directors cage which allows for secure and comfortable holding.

This 1080p 21.5” Flanders Scientific monitor is a great video village monitor. This regularly calibrated monitor will give you a very accurate representation of what’s being shot, and allow the crew to see exactly what they need.

The industry standard 9” TV logic monitor is a reliable and resilient monitor perfect for fast moving productions. V-lock power allows you to move the monitor anywhere you want and it can be easily mounted to any light stand.

The SmallHD 702 bright is perfect for a director’s monitor, focus pullers and on camera monitoring. With a variety of power options and video inputs. Comes with a bag or wireless option and directors cage.



The Teradek Bolt 4K LT allows for zero delay wireless 4K video transmission up to a range of 750 ft. Along with true HDR colour, more stable connectivity and easier setup. 

The Teradek Bolt Pro 300, allows for a high quality 1080p stream wirelessly at up to 300 meters. This gets rid of the need of running multiple BNC cables all over the set and speeds up setup time dramatically. Dual receivers allows 2 monitors to receive the signal.

Lens Control System – Single Channel.
Our C Motion wireless follow focus, allows you to remotely focus all lenses with near zero latency and easy automated lens calibration.

Bright Tangerine Strummer Production Matte box 3 stage PV. 

Compact and portable, the Pro-Jib kit is great for adding another level of creativity to your footage by adding elevation (up to 2m) and tracking to the traditional Pan and Tilt movements of fluid heads.

This is a modular, lightweight, single-sided follow focus unit for small video cameras and DSLRs. It is designed with lighter cameras in mind and compatible with all lenses with hard stop gears and can be used with other lenses when you add gear rings onto the lens.

EZ+up (1)

Arri MMB-1 Compact Matte box

Bright Tangerine Strummer Production Mattebox 3 stage PV.

Junior Magliner

Sound Kits

Professional sound kits for hire London

Miniature 5:2 ENG Audio Mixer

A broadcast quality stereo portable mixer for TV, film and radio locations.
With five full mic-powering input channels
and twin camera drive.

Sound Devices 633 Mixer

Senheiser 416 with Rycote shield

Sennheiser 416 with Rycote shield

Sennheiser MKH 8060 with Rycote Shield

Sennheiser G3 Radio Mic with Cos 11 Mic.

Sennheiser hand held Radio Mic